Awards at TIMUN

TIMUN strongly believes that the recognition of exceptional delegates with awards is an integral part of Model United Nations. Awards are given to delegates who demonstrate strong preparation prior to the conference, excellent public speaking skills, and exceptional diplomatic abilities. Recipients are selected by the Directors of each committee. Each committee will award one of each of the following awards:

  • Best Delegate

  • Outstanding Delegate

  • Honourable Mention

This year’s conference will also feature the Best Position Paper Award. Position papers will be evaluated by the Directors of each committee and one award will be given per committee. Exceptional position papers are not only well-researched but also demonstrate strong organization, clarity of structure and ideas, and an ability to concisely and effectively present a country’s foreign policy on a given issue.

Award Delivery

We will ship recipients of the Best Delegate Award a custom engraved gavel with their committee name to any North American address. In addition, all award recipients will receive a digital certificate through email.

Award Eligibility

To be eligible for an award, delegates must submit a 1-2 page position paper before 11:59 PM EDT on August 13th.