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White House COVID-19 Task force

The day is October 1st, 2020. After months of an uphill battle against the novel Covid-19 disease, cases in the United States have managed to stabilize; Americans’ lives have inched back towards the normal. The war against Covid, however, is far from victorious. With a reopened economy, newly resumed schools and universities, and a reinstatement of international travel, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention records an uptake in outbreaks around the country. Medical experts offer stark warnings of second waves, new deaths, and a lack of preparedness. Concerns are reignited surrounding issues such as medical supplies and equipment, state and federal powers, vaccine controversies, and many more. The White House Coronavirus Task Force, in charge of coordinating the United States’ Federal response, is left with one task: Abating another deadly wave.

Meet The

Task Force Team

Fatema Nami


    Fatema is an incoming second year double majoring in Economics and Ethics, Society, & Law. She started her Model UN journey as a delegate in the 8th grade, and since starting university has transitioned into the administrative side of MUN. She is excited to be a part of TIMUN given its experimental online format, and is hoping that this will provide delegates with a more accessible conference. In her free time, you’ll find Fatema brunching with friends, exploring indie cafes around Toronto, or volunteering at a local children’s book bank.

    Christy Kheirallah


      Christy is a 3rd year UofT art-sci student double majoring in political sciences and critical studies in equity and solidarity. Her interests lies mainly in middle eastern politics and social equity and activism within the Arab world. When she finds a rare crumb of free time, she likes to go exploring the GTA or relaxing in nature.

      Nicolina Fasciano


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      Nicolina Fasciano is a Committee Chair and Moderator at this year's TIMUN Conference who studies at Western University. Nicolina believes that Model UN is an amazing way for students to get involved in world issues, and that TIMUN is the perfect outlet for this. Nicolina has become prepared for this role through extracurriculars and job experiences that have developed her organizational, adaptability, and time-management skills. Nicolina is an Ontario Scholar, and a member of the Dean's List at Western University.