What is Gatherly?

At TIMUN, we believe in providing the highest quality Model UN experience to our delegates. Unlike many other online conferences, we have decided not to use Zoom as our video-conferencing platform, and have instead opted to work with a bright and innovative new company called Gatherly

Gatherly is a web-based platform, meaning that no downloads are necessary, and everything will be run through your internet browser.

Why use Gatherly?

One of the most important benefits to an in-person conference is the ability to move around a room and talk to specific delegates during before/after committee sessions and during unmoderated caucuses. Gatherly creates a virtual venue where you can move around your “avatar” on a map to do just that! When you get close to another person in Gatherly, it recognizes that and enters you into a call with them. It also lets the dais team choose people to speak and broadcasts them to the entire committee, just like in a moderated caucus. Since Gatherly replaces the cost of having to book out an actual venue, delegates are able to attend TIMUN for a fraction of the price of a typical 3-day conference!

Click here to see a demo of Gatherly, and click here to see a list of other conferences that have partnered with them!