TIMUN media and liability release

Dear Delegate, 

TIMUN has several conference policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participating students:

  1. Delegates should attend all committee sessions and are expected to be respectful of all individuals during the conference.

  2. Delegates should disclose any medical conditions that may impact their participation prior to and/or during the conference.

  3. TIMUN retains a zero-tolerance policy towards any and all actions, objects, materials, and substances that are illegal by the government of Canada, the province of Ontario, and any other municipal bodies or school authorities. 

    1. Items including drugs, weapons, and any substances illegal.

    2. If a delegate is caught to have consumed illegal substances, caught in possession of such items, or caught in the presence of peers who have consumed illegal substances, they will be asked to exit from the conference.

  4. Delegates are expected to conduct debate in a fair manner, without incapacitating the virtual committee meetings though unauthorized hacking.

  5. TIMUN reserves the right to suspend an individual from the conference for a limited period or the remaining duration.

By registering for TIMUN 2020, I hereby waive legal rights against TIMUN’s agents, Secretariat, staff and administrators from all manner of action, causes of action, claims and demands. I give permission for the use of pictures, photographs or videotape to be used for TIMUN’s internal and external purposes. I also recognize that representatives of TIMUN may restrict or dismiss the said delegate from further participation if the said delegate’s behaviour has been deemed inappropriate or threatens the comfort and safety of themselves or fellow participants. This waiver of rights is binding upon myself, executors, and administrators. By signing, I declare that I have read and understood this agreement and by voluntarily agreeing to this agreement I am waiving certain legal rights I may have against the organizers of this event.