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The Human Rights Council is an important United Nations intergovernmental body that is primarily responsible for human rights. This council works to address violations, promote human rights assistance and education while also preventing human rights abuses by responding to global emergencies. UNHRC aims to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe by making recommendations on them. This council discusses all relevant human rights issues throughout the year. By providing a forum for recognizing, identifying, and creating responses to human rights violations, this council has effectively addressed several issues such as the rights of children, discrimination, access to education, and democratic rights.


The primary topics for this committee will include promoting the rights of the civilians in Yemen, combatting racial discrimination, and protecting human rights defenders in conflict and post-conflict zones. 

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Aimen Mahmood


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Hi, I'm your Committee Director for UNHRC! I'm a second year at the University of British Columbia, pursuing a double major in Political Science and History. Model UN holds a very special place in my heart since I began getting involved with it in 2016. Between studying and watching my favourite show, The Office (I've watched it 19 times), I spend my time learning about and advocating for global issues. Model UN has been an amazing opportunity to watch like-minded individuals discuss global problems!

Nathan Ching


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I'm a second-year student at the University of Toronto studying public policy and criminology! I'm originally from Hong Kong but Vancouver has become my second home over time. I've been involved in MUN for almost 3 years now, starting as a delegate to being a co-founder of one. I'm also minoring in Cinema Studies and have always been a cinephile, so don't hesitate to go in-depth with me about a film you love. During my few spare times, I spend it on making music, filming and playing squash! I'm very excited for TIMUN, and if you come across me during the conference please say hi! :)