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The United Nations International Children’s Fund will work together to provide humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. In the first topic, Eliminating the Use of Child Soldiers, delegates will discuss the exposure to violence children face such as being abducted or recruited to take arms, acting as human shields, and being messengers. Important questions will include what actions countries can take within their jurisdiction to help protect children from becoming victims and perpetrators of violence, and looking at ways to improve the infrastructures of developing countries to prevent the use of child soldiers in areas such as the Central African Republic.


In the second topic, Access to Education for Women, delegates will look at barriers to education for women such as violence, existing gender roles, cultural norms, and costs. Together, delegates will analyze the relationship gender and culture have with education, and work on drafting documents to improve accessibility to education for women in areas such as the Sahel region.

Meet The

unicef Team

Cindy Lui


    Hi friends! My name is Cindy and I’m a current student at U of T! I’ve been doing Model UN for 5 years now. I’ve been involved in both the GAs and Crisis branches for other MUN conferences. I started off as a moderator, am now a Co-Director for Training and Procedures for NAMUN, and am excited to be directing a GA committee at TIMUN! Outside of MUN, you can find me involving myself with student governance and studying at coffee shops!

    Kevin Meng


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    Kevin is an incoming second-year at Western University. He's been actively participating in Model UN and is very excited to be working with the TIMUN team. He's very passionate for causes such as equitable access to education and healthcare. If you find him with free time, he'd probably be playing piano, reading Sherlock Holmes, or watching The Office.

    Daphne Berberyan


      I’m an incoming first year to the University of Toronto and originally from Mississauga. I hope to pursue a degree in international relations, a decision that stems in part from my passion towards Model UN. I’ve been doing Model UN for the last three years, and wish to continue on with it throughout university as well. See you all soon!