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The World Health Organization's mission is to promote international well-being through universal coverage, response to health emergencies, and health support for vulnerable communities. The WHO works to address social determinants of health, identify and manage health risks and emergencies, and develop infrastructure for the improvement of sustainable and accessible public health systems and services.

In this committee, delegates will develop emergency policy for future public health crises, using the COVID-19 pandemic as a case study, and tackle issues of health infrastructure in urban areas, particularly among marginalized communities.

Meet The

WHO Team

Jess Nash


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Jess has been a part of MUN since starting high school and cares about encouraging learning, writing, and debate about a diversity of world social issues and initiatives. Outside of MUN, Jess enjoys watercolor painting, playing guitar, and downloading biochemistry papers to read "later". She looks forward to a lively discussion on global health affairs as Co-Director of the WHO committee!

Katerina Dayton


    Pursuing an avid interest in international affairs, Katerina first joined Model United Nations in 2016. Seeing it as a haven for constructive debate, problem- solving, and youth engagement on important global issues, Katerina has continued to participate in both high school and university-level MUN conferences in Canada and abroad.

    Tomer Zaidman


      Tomer is a second-year student double majoring in International Relations and Mathematics. Though born in Petah Tikva, Israel, he spent five years living in Shenzhen then Shanghai before moving to Toronto. This multicultural upbringing has given him a passion for global issues and the international community, and led him to join MUN in grade 9. Tomer was a Moderator at NAMUN 2020 and UTMUN 2020 and is looking forward to bringing his experience and enthusiasm to TIMUN as Head Chair. Tomer loves board games, especially complex Legacy titles, and has been playing the clarinet since the age of 11, most recently with the Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra. He cannot wait to work with this incredibly dedicated group to bring TIMUN to life.